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Part 4

4th of July, 2023
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Hopefully one of my co-authors and I will be uploading a long-awaited preprint on dg-categories, twisting cochains, and homotopy limits to the arXiv “soon”. Until then, here are the small handful of translations that I’ve finished in the year since I last wrote

Unintentionally, all three translations here are Grothendieck related. Let’s start with the smallest one first: Grothendieck’s famous letter to Thomason on derivators, which makes for some interesting “light” reading.

  • A Grothendieck, “Lettre d’Alexander Grothendieck sur les Dérivateurs, 02.04.91”. Edited by Matthias Künzer. HTML

Next, I finally finished EGA II. I have yet to proofread it, so it probably still has an awful amount of typos and possible errors (if you spot any the please do let me know, either by email or (preferably) by submitting an issue on the repo). Note that the web version is down at the moment due to some technical issues that neither Ryan nor I have had the time to fix, but you can still view and download the PDF versions.

Lastly, I’ve been slowly working away at FGA, since it’s not inconceivable that I actually manage to finish this one off sometime by early 2024 (famous last words, I’m sure). I haven’t done much more, but have finished seminar IV (“Hilbert schemes”).

  • Grothendieck, A. “Technique de descente et théorèmes d’existence en géométrie algébrique, IV”. Séminaire Bourbaki 13 (1960/61), Talk no. 221. HTML

When I finish off the last two seminars (V and VI, both on Picard schemes), I will go back and fix all the little issues (weird bibliographies, no links to original scans, no PDF versions, etc. etc.) but I’m saving that as a nice little “treat” when all the typing is done.

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer.