Research interests

  • Homotopy theory
  • Derived algebraic geometry
  • Type theory
  • Quantum computing
  • FOSS
  • Birds

What I'm doing

I am a PhD student at the Université d'Aix-Marseille, and also currently part of the DerSympApp project at the Université de Montpellier. At the moment, I'm finishing my thesis with Julien Grivaux and Damien Calaque, on the subject of twisting cochains in complex geometry and Chern classes of coherent analytic sheaves via simplicial connections.

For other things I'm doing, have a look at the projects page.

What I've done

I graduated with an MMath (Mathematics) from the University of Oxford in 2016, after having finished my BA in Mathematics there. Whilst there I wrote two theses — both can be found on the papers page.

For more details see my CV [pdf].

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