This blog is a collection of reading notes of things that I try to learn. Often they are nothing more than summaries of various pages on the nLab, but collated, (over)simplified, and reordered to be more easily understood by, e.g., me. There will almost certainly be mistakes and bad viewpoints, so caveat lector.

  • Torsors and principal bundles

    I haven't posted anything in forever, and one of my supervisor's strong pedagogical beliefs is that 'affine vector spaces should be understood as $G$-torsors, where $G$ is the underlying vector space acting via translation', which makes a nice short topic of discussion, whence this post.

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  • Localisation and model categories (Part 1)

    After some exceptionally enlightening discussions with Eduard Balzin recently, I’ve made some notes on the links between model categories, homotopy categories, and localisation, and how they all tie in together. There’s nothing particularly riveting or original here, but hopefully these notes can help somebody else who was lost in this mire of ideas.

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  • Categorication of the Dold-Kan correspondence

    So I’m currently at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, Germany, for a conference on ‘Higher algebra and mathematical physics’. Lots of the talks have gone entirely above my head (reminding me how far behind my physics education has fallen), but have still been very interesting.

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  • Nothing really that new

    Just a small post to point out that I’ve uploaded some new notes, including some I took at the Derived Algebraic Geometry in Toulouse (DAGIT) conference last year. I’ve been hard at work on thesis things, so haven’t been able to write up all the blog stuff that I’ve wanted to, but hopefully will get a chance sometime in the near future.

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