Current projects

  • Collaborative English translations of maths papers, mainly Grothendieck's EGA.
  • If I ever have spare time, I sometimes try to LaTeX up old papers (using a combination of OCR and manual labour). Any that I do will be on GitHub
  • LaTeX support for the Matrix client Riot, so it can better function as a modern replacement for IRC rooms. There is currently a beta build of Riot with LaTeX support at There is also a Mathematics community (a curated list of rooms, such as
  • Some sort of categorical translation theory, and a corresponding software implementation. The aim is to restrict interest to just 'mathematical language' (i.e. some minimal amount of language necessary for the writing of mathematical papers), where things are much more well-behaved. With this, one can write a paper using a specified dictionary, resulting in something which, although somewhat dry to read, can have guaranteed translations into a bunch of other languages. A working demo is in progress, as well as an explanation of the theory behind (see part 1 and part 2).