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Part 2

6th of November, 2020
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I’ve had a bit of free time during various quarantines and lockdowns as of late, so I’ve been able to do some more translations. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve uploaded to thosgood.com/translations recently, as well as what I’m now working on.

  • The first chapter of Grothendieck’s FGA, as well as the second, have now both been finished:
    1. “Théorème de dualité pour les faisceaux algébriques cohérents”. Séminaire Bourbaki 9 (1956–57), Talk no. 149.
    2. “Géométrie formelle et géométrie algébrique”. Séminaire Bourbaki 11 (1958–59), Talk no. 182.
  • There are two more articles that I’d seen somebody ask to be translated:
    • Deligne, P. “A quoi servent les motifs?”. Proc. Symp. in Pure Math. 55 (1994), 143–161.
    • Pólya, G. “Bemerkung Über die Integraldarstellung der Riemannschen ξ-Funktion”. Acta Math. 48 (1926), 305–317.

Finally, at the bottom of the site I’ve made available any “works in progress”, with the idea that (a) people can at least hopefully profit from what I’ve done, and (b) people can let me know if there’s anything there that they’d really like to see finished. Most of these are either quite long, or in German (or some other language that I don’t speak), and so will be very much a long-term project. I’d like to get Brion and Procesi’s “Action d’un tore dans une variété projective” finished, because there isn’t a good version easily findable on the web (in fact, thanks to Benjamin Brown for actually going to the lengths of tracking down a physical copy and sending me a scan!); Deligne’s book Equations Différentielles à Points Singuliers Réguliers is also top of the list for me, because it’s something I’ve been meaning to read anyway!

Of course, the EGA translation is still going on, and I merged in my translation of EGA II.2.4 a while back, which has now been included in both the PDFs and the web version.