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Life update

24th of February, 2021

I haven’t posted anything here in well over a couple of months, so I thought it’d be a nice idea to just say “hello, I am still here, and here’s why I’ve been too tired to post anything”, whence this post.

Since defending my thesis in June 2020, I’ve been bounced all around the place searching for jobs, and finally managed to sort out a very lovely joint position: I’m working with Artur Ekert under CQC on creating resources for introductory quantum information science (and so far we’ve made some lovely lecture notes), but I’m based in Oxford, working at the new offices for the Topos Institute (or, at least, I would be, if they weren’t currently closed during the lockdown).

What’s really nice is that, amidst teaching, organising a seminar, working on other Topos-related projects, and working with Artur, I’ve still got some time left over in which I can continue with my research in homotopical complex-analytic geometry. After lots of conversations with Mahmoud Zeinalian (from whom I have learnt a lot), it seems like we might try to write something up together, following on from the sorts of things that I studied in my thesis. I’m also working on another paper, but I gather that it’s not really the done thing to announce such things until they’re much closer to completion (which is very sensible, and advice that I would definitely pass on to anybody who asks). Either way, the point is that I still love thinking about simplicial things, so if you were hoping that I’d write some more about them some day, then hopefully I will! (and also thank you ever so much for caring about what I write).

Oh, and I’ve taken a little break from working on the maths dictionary, but don’t worry: the project is not dead, merely taking a little rest (just like the EGA translation). However, I’ve finished a few more translations, and will hopefully be able to start emptying out the “in progress” list this spring.