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Comments on blog posts

22nd of December, 2021

This blog now has support for comments! I haven’t had a chance to properly test things yet, and there are still some kinks left to iron out, but please do use this as an excuse to browse back through old posts and say nice things.

Update on the update: I’ve just switched over to giscus, so anybody with a GitHub account can comment. It’s not perfect, but it’ll do for now :-)

Update: comments have been “temporarily” disabled (I had some server issues).

Using the lovely Commento++, I’ve now enabled comments at the bottom of blog posts. Some things to point out:

  • I haven’t yet made LaTeX rendering work, but it’s next on my to-do list. For now, feel free to write stuff surrounded by $ or $$ (or wrap it in \(\) or \[\]), and at some point in the future this should actually render properly.
  • I also haven’t yet made it so that people can post comments via their Twitter/GitHub/whatever accounts, but I also don’t expect that this will really be something that people particularly want to do? I assume I get around six readers per month on this blog, so there’s not particularly high demand for anything…
  • If you want to comment a lot, you can create an account (using the “Login” button) which will let you set a profile picture and link to your website, but this isn’t necessary! You can always just leave a name, or even comment anonymously.
  • Things might generally be a bit buggy, but if that’s the case, then please be patient, and also just let me know what went wrong.

Hopefully see you all in the comments soon!