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Translations (Part 5)


Briefly: two very short translations concerning geometry, and the final two seminars of FGA (thus finishing a complete first draft of the entire FGA seminar series).

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Translations (Part 4)


Hopefully one of my co-authors and I will be uploading a long-awaited preprint on dg-categories, twisting cochains, and homotopy limits to the arXiv “soon”. Until then, here are the small handful of translations that I’ve finished in the year since I last wrote

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Translations (Part 3)


I haven’t blogged about it in a while, but I’ve been working on just making my translations a bit better, both in terms of content and accessibility. Let’s have a look at what I’ve done, shall we?

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Translations (Part 2)


I’ve had a bit of free time during various quarantines and lockdowns as of late, so I’ve been able to do some more translations. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve uploaded to recently, as well as what I’m now working on.

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Translations (Part 1)


I’ve been having quite a bit of fun translating some maths papers into English recently. Of course, I’m still chugging away at the EGA translation project, having just finished another section of EGA II, leaving “only” about 60 pages left before that chapter will be done as well! However, I’ve started putting some of my other translations all together, and they can now be found at There are a lot still in progress, but here’s a summary of what I’ve done so far.

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Categorical translation for mathematical language (Part 2)


After my previous post, I got the chance to (a) spend a bit of time thinking about things, and (b) talk to Jade Master on Twitter. Rather than going back to edit my original post, I decided to turn this into more of a series. Here are some new thoughts (but not really any visible progress) on the whole affair.

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Categorical translation for mathematical language (Part 1)


Being unable to ever properly finish any project that I start, but loving starting new projects, has made getting around to typing up this blog post quite an effort. Not only that, but it’s also unsatisfying to me how much I’ve failed to understand the categorical framework behind my translation project, so it’s mildly intimidating (to say the least) to present this stuff to the whole internet (although, in actuality, it’s really just to the one (mabye two) reader(s) of this blog), but I’m doing so in the hopes that somebody who actually knows about this sort of applied category theory can help me get somewhat closer to a solid understanding.

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